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Alex De Dominicis


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me with 7lvII

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I Have Trained Numerous Future RVers

63% of the pilots I have trained are professionals; airline and military pilots. They understand the benefit of RV transition training for their safety. One of these pilots stated, “Every time I flew a new aircraft I spent many hours of training; this is the most important airplane in my life, my personal airplane, I could not see flying it without proper training.”

I have over 2,900 hours of RV time; began giving flight training in 1991 in the Chicago Area, and have been a Van’s insurance-preferred RV flight trainer since 2001. My first RV was completed in 1998. I did not anticipate that my wonderful flight machines would end up being used as a tool for others’ flying safety.

This is not my full-time job; rather, it is my passion. I am a Check Airman for the FAA and before that, an Air Traffic Controller at the Fort Worth Center for 22 years. I live at Eagles Nest, a fly in community just 23 miles south of Dallas.

Here is what one pilot said:

 Alex,  I just arrived home from the training we did today.  I really appreciate your approach to instruction.  I intentionally did not tell you today that I am a CFII for two reasons.  The first was that I did not want to influence your evaluation of my flying (being a CFI means that I am suppose to be able to teach not necessarily be an ace pilot!).   The second was that if I did perform poorly I did not want to be doubly embarrassed.  I have taken a lot of flight training and given some too.  In my experience with flight instructors I would put you up at the top. 

I really appreciate the way you look at the safety of the flight.  Upon completion of the training I feel perfectly comfortable flying an RV-6 or RV-6A (I am building a 6A as you know).  We both realize that flying is a continuous learning process.  Your instruction was an excellent transition from the world of Cessna flying to the world of RV flying.  I appreciate the clarity of instruction and the good judgment you displayed. 

I highly recommend your transition training. 

George V. Goff

COL, USA (Ret)

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RV Flight Training with
Alex De Dominicis.