How long in advance should I plan for my RV training?

ANSWER: You should call me at least a month or two prior to the date you want to train if possible.

What should I bring with me?

ANSWER: Some recent flying experience is recommended; to remove the cobwebs collected during your time building.

Do I need anything else besides experience?

ANSWER: Please bring your logbook, a picture ID, and your pilot’s license.

How many hours will we fly per day?

ANSWER: As long as weather permits, and the level of your flying skills with the RV keeps improving.  Three to five hours per day is not uncommon.

What happens if the weather does not cooperate?

ANSWER: As you probably can guess, I try to influence the weather with my strong wishes, but I have not been able to control the weather. Texas weather is usually quite good. Out of over 100 students, only two have rescheduled due to weather.

Do you only accept cash?

ANSWER: Cash or checks are fine. I am not set up to accept credit cards